What is OpenElections?

What you need to know about the project and how to get involved

Welcome to the OpenElections documentation. This site is here to help you become familiar with the project's goals, how it works and how you can help.

The goal of OpenElections is to create the first free, comprehensive, standardized, linked set of election data for the United States, including federal, statewide and state legislative offices. No freely available comprehensive source of official election results exists. The current options for election data can be difficult to find and use or financially out-of-reach for most journalists and civic hackers. We want the people who work with election data to be able to get what they need, whether that's a CSV file for stories and data analysis or JSON usable for web applications and interactive graphics. We've got a site, blog, Google Group and our code is on Github.

Helping OpenElections without Programming

You don't need to be a programmer or developer to pitch in. We need help with several non-programming tasks, including collecting information about what results are available for an election, turning results information locked in PDFs into text files and other tasks. You can:

Contributing Code to OpenElections

If you are a developer (particularly if you know Python), we could use your help converting official election results into data. There are several ways to do this, depending on your experience and interest:

Reaching the community

If you have questions or want to find other people involved in the project, here are some ways to do it: