Making a FOIA Request

If you encounter resistance from a state board of elections, or they simply ask you to submit one as part of their protocol for releasing election results, you can make a formal FOIA Request.

This handy automatic letter generator makes this process simple and easy. Here are the steps we would like you to follow:

  • Contact your state board of elections to be sure this is the right way to proceed. You can find the contact information for elections staffers in your state here.

  • Fill out the automatic letter generator form, choosing the option to create a state letter.

  • Copy or download the letter that is generated.

  • Send or email it yourself to the contact you find on the FEC site.

  • Give a copy of the letter to OpenElections staff for our records. You can email Serdar or Derek directly.

  • Note the date you sent the letter in the overview section at the top of the form in our admin.

Note any further responses and outcomes in this field as your data acquisition process progresses.

That’s it!