Proofing our metadata is a key task. It verifies the work that our volunteers have done to collect information about the scope and availability of election results is correct and lists the best sources. Each election record for a state needs to be reviewed. Here’s how:

Special Elections

The first task is to ensure that we have all of the elections that have occurred since 2000, particularly special elections. If you don’t see any special elections for a state, that’s a sign that you should go look for some. People resign, or die. Things happen. If special election results aren’t listed along with the rest of a state’s elections, it’s worth a phone call or email to the state agency to find them.

The Best Results

The next thing to pay close attention to is whether the results linked to in the metadata are the best, most-detailed results available for that election. The state may have CSV files with county-level results, but it might also have electronic PDFs of precinct-level results that would be even more useful. Also bear in mind that the metadata admin now supports multiple direct_link URLs, so if there was just one in there but it’s obvious that more exist, put those in, too.

Other Checks

A few typical things to verify:

  • Election end dates exist
  • Results formats match what is available, especially if you update the direct_link URLs.
  • Review any notes or Needs Review sections and verify accordingly, or add any notes you need to.


In the Notes section, mark each election as proofed by you, using the drop-down menu.